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Spanish Civil Guard dismantles a cocaine band that acquired real estate in Morocco

Elements of the Spanish Civil Guard recently dismantled a criminal network specializing in cocaine trafficking and money laundering in Morocco, local media reported on Monday.

The operation, dubbed “Operacion Origen”, led to the dismantling of a network divided into three groups. One, based in Mallorca, is responsible for selling cocaine in the Son Banya region, while the other two groups are active in Mallorca and Tarragona, according to the same source.

The investigations of the Spanish Civil Guard revealed that the criminal network had laundered 170,000 euros, by buying real estate and luxury cars in Morocco, according to the media which specified that the investigators arrested the leader of the criminal network and seized more of 60 bank accounts as well as various properties.

Investigations into this network began six months ago, when investigators discovered the entry of drug shipments into the city of Mallorca in cars, according to the same sources.

At the end of March, the Spanish Civil Guard had intercepted three trucks carrying more than half a ton of drugs from Morocco.

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