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Speaker of People’s National Assembly calls for raising challenges to respond to Algerians aspirations

President of People’s National Assembly, Ibrahim Boughali, stressed today, Saturday, on the importance of working to respond to aspirations of Algerians whom they chose to represent in the legislative body.

After approving the list of the nine Vice-Presidents, the Speaker of the Assembly said that “as an Assembly, we face great challenges and many bets, and we have to live up to the aspirations of our citizens.”

Accordingly, Boughali called on parliamentary groups to propose deputies to represent them in permanent committees, who are “capable of taking up the challenge and ready to work in order to serve citizens and convey his concerns.”

Boughali added that the selection of committee members should be “objective and based solely on a criterion of competence.”

As a reminder, the representative of the Independent List, Ibrahim Boughali, was elected as the Speaker of the National People’s Assembly for the ninth legislative term during a public session last Thursday.

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