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SPLA conducts new attacks on Moroccan soldiers’ positions

Sahrawi Popular Liberation Army (SPLA) units have continued attacks, targeting positions and trenches of Moroccan occupation forces in Bakari, Houza and Mahbés sectors, according to the military communiqué N 122.

“SPLA units carried out new attacks, Saturday, against the positions of the Moroccan occupation army in Oum Edken region (Bakari Sector), and smoke was observed rising from the targeted base” added the communiqué.

SPLA launched heavy shelling targeting positions of the Moroccan occupation forces in the area of Rous Essabti (Mahbés sector) and targeted bombing on troops in Akraret Elforssik (Mahbés sector), according to the same communiqué.

In El Houza sector, heavy bombings have been conducted against Moroccan occupation troops in the region of Fedret Etemet.

SPLA attacks have continued since November 13 against the positions of  Moroccan occupying forces based along the wall of shame causing several material and human losses,” the statement concluded.

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