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SPLA continues attacks on positions of Moroccan occupying forces

Units of Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) conducted attacks on positions, bases and troupes of the Moroccan occupying forces in Ousserda, Houza and El Fersia , according to Western Sahara Defense Ministry military communiqué number 258 published on Tuesday.

“SPLA advanced troupes targeted occupying troupes in Astlila Ould Boukerain region, Ousserda sector” mentioned the communiqué quoted by the Saharian press service SPS.

“SPLA advanced detachments carried out intensive bombing targeting positions of the occupying forces in Fedret El Aiche region, Houza sector. Other SPLA troupes targeted the occupying troupes in Akrara Lahdid region, El Fersia sector” added the communiqué.

The SPLA continues its attacks targeting the forces of the Moroccan occupier who suffered human and material losses along the wall of shame.

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