“Street of hypocrites” played at theatrical season 2021/2022 opening

“Street of hypocrites” play by Ahmed Razak was presented on Thursday in Algiers, at the opening of the theatrical season 2021/2022.

Algeria national theatre audience enjoyed the work, which was given its honorary premiere in June, a satirical social comedy decorated with social, economic and political connotations.

Produced by the Algerian National Theatre, the show deals with international banking system impacts on local communities from a local point of view, it shows also negative outcomes of loans imposed by international banks.

The work, which opened with the late Dahman Al Harachi song “I don’t owe you and you don’t owe me ”, presented caricatures of the phenomenon of social hypocrisy and the fragmentation of human relations through the phenomenon of loaning money and what is in its universe.

This story of the play, which ran for more than 60 Minutes, takes place inside a wretched hotel called “happiness” located on the street “hypocrites”, where situations of people using lies and hypocrisy in order to recover the money owed by each other such as the butcher “El Wardi”, the owner of the hotel “Madani”, the hairdresser “sassiya” and the mistress “Sharifa” enter a huge spiral in order to recover their money.

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