Supplying national markets with significant quantities of potatoes until end of November

The Joint National Vocational Office for Vegetables and Meat launched today, Thursday, a “wide” operation to supply national markets with “remarkable” quantities of potatoes, according to a program that will continue until the end of next November, with the aim of ensuring the abundance of this vegetable for the benefit of the consumer at affordable prices.

On the sidelines of giving the signal for the start of the first operation to harvest potatoes from the municipality of Meftah, in the far east of Blida, the Director-General of the Office, Abdelaziz Ouchmane, said that this process is “very important” as it will allow the supply of national markets from 12 provinces, stressing that the first phase of the program, which extends for 10 days starting from today, aims to supply the national markets (wholesale markets and neighborhood markets) with more than 10,000 tons of this substance, provided that it continues every ten other days until the end of next month.

Regarding the expectations of the National Joint Professional Office for Vegetables and Meat during this process, the Director General of the Office said that his services aim in the first stage to supply the markets with 10,000 tons, provided that the process continues according to the pace and size of the product harvest, as well as the market need, stressing that his institution is working to ensure the abundance of the material on the one hand, and ensuring a balance between production and storage, on the other.

As a reminder, the volume of potatoes that the Joint National Vocational Office for Vegetables and Fruits removed from stores during the first period of time (March 15 to April 15) to supply national markets reached 50,000 tons.

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