Tamanrasset: A person was arrested after attempting to kidnap a child

Judicial Police services of Tamanrasset province security managed to arrest a 28-year-old person for his involvement in the attempted kidnapping of a girl (less than 3 years old), according to what was learned today, Sunday, at the province Security Communication and Public Relations Cell.

The facts of the case date back to August 28, when the same services received, at five o’clock in the morning of that day, a notification by phone on the green number that the residents of the neighborhood had arrested a person while he was trying to kidnap a girl from inside her house.

The intervention of the judicial police allowed the arrest of the suspect, who was transferred to the security headquarters, and an investigation was opened in the case by the criminal division of the Judicial Police State Department, as it was clarified.

After completing the legal procedures, the suspect was presented before the judicial authorities, which issued a deposit order against him, as was indicated.

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