Tasili Airlines aims to raise its turnover to 13.8 billion dinars by 2026

The Acting Aeneral manager of Tassili Airlines, Abdessamed OURIHANE, indicated on Tuesday that his company aspires to raise its annual turnover to 13.8 billion dinars by 2026.

In his presentation before the Transport and Telecommunications Committee of the National People’s Assembly, Ourihane explained that the airline company “seeks to achieve a turnover of 13.8 billion dinars by transporting more than 1 million passengers and this is in the horizon of 2026,” according to a statement of the National People’s Assembly.

Speaking about the company’s objectives and prospects, the Acting General Manager said that the company aims to “takeover the current and future petroleum transportation market”.

It is also working to”develop the cargo business taking into account the development of the energy sector in the short and long term”.

The official added that the company is working to maintain leadership in the field of oil air transport by “establishing a loyal relationship with our customers from oil companies”.

Ourihane indicated the problems and difficulties facing by his company, highlighting that the deficit recorded in 2020 for the regular transport activity amounted to 373 million DZD, while the cumulative deficit, which is not covered by the financial compensation of the state, which was recorded as a result of the impact of corona pandemic 3.024 billion DZD, which is “significant and negatively affected the good conduct of the company,” he said.

Following the presentation, the members of the Transport and Telecommunications Committee called for the intensification of flights, especially between the southern regions, as part of the revitalization of South-South Transport, the members of the committee also promised the company official to convey concerns to the concerned authorities in order to compensate the deficit and losses and increase support, as well as the development of a special structure for the maintenance of aircraft, is in order to provide services at the level of customer’s expectations, according to the statement.

Tasili Airlines, a subsidiary of Sonatrach, was established in 2005 to provide transportation services to shift workers in the South, before expanding its activity to include regular transportation on the internal network in March 2013 and then the international network in November 2014.

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