Tebessa: Rainwater drained, stuck cars taken out following heavy rainfall

Various Civil Protection units intervened in Tebessa on Saturday night to drain rainwater and remove cars that were stuck following heavy rainfall that affected several municipalities, according to a statement from the same official service today.

The same source added that immediately after the announcement of a special bulletin warning of heavy rainfall up to 40 mm locally, the services of the state directorate of Civil Protection deployed a security apparatus through various roads to monitor traffic and intervene for any emergency, in addition to carrying out mobile patrols through neighborhoods and municipalities.

Civil Protection unit of El Ouanza has taken out two cars that were stuck in the mud after they were washed away by the rains, the passengers were rescued, road opened, traffic brought back to normal, and so in coordination with National Gendarmerie and Public Works, the statement adds.

For its part, the services of the National Bureau of Meteorology predicted the continuation of rainfall throughout the week in varying amounts, calling on citizens to be cautious.

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