The capital’s security services arrest 16 people in a neighborhood gang in El-Harrach

The security services of the province of Algiers, represented by the Judicial Police Squad in the security of the administrative district of El-Harrach, were able to arrest 16 people on the issue of establishing and forming a neighborhood gang for the purpose of controlling, extending influence, disturbing public order, insulting a regular body, deliberately destroying state property while facilitating the escape of wanted persons in possession of drugs and psychotropic substances.

The communiqué of the security services stated that under the permanent and continuous supervision of the competent regional prosecution, after information reached the investigating authority that there is a person who promotes psychotropic substances at the level of one of the neighborhoods of El Harrach, a court action plan was drawn up by the police forces to arrest the suspect and those with him.

The operation resulted in the arrest of the main suspect in the case and the arrest of (16) people, after trying to besiege them to the police to facilitate the escape of the detainee by throwing stones and glass bottles at them, destroying state property, while they were arrested in possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

After completing the legal procedures, the suspects were presented before the competent regional prosecution.

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