The Council of the Nation commemorates the 25th anniversary of its inauguration

The Council of the Nation is organizing a celebration at the end of the third week of January, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of its inauguration, under the slogan: “A quarter of a century in the course of a constitutional edifice … from the national calendar to the new Algeria,” according to a statement issued today, Wednesday, by the same body.

These activities will be marked by the holding of various exhibitions, aimed at “strengthening the emotional bond between the generation of the revolution and the generations that followed it, and assigning this institutional edifice a historical load that devotes the indoctrinated November legacy to the present and future generation,” as indicated in the statement.

This celebration will also include the display of pictures and figures that “narrate the gradual and historical development of the establishment of the Council of the Nation and the strategic balance gained in preserving the state’s existence and serving the supreme national interest”.

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