The First Ministry: Lifting the partial home lockdown procedure currently applied to 23 concerned provinces

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Aïmene Benabderrahmane, decided today, Monday, to lift the partial home lockdown procedure currently applied to 23 concerned provinces, while extending, across the entire national territory, the procedure for preventing all kinds of gatherings of people and family meetings, especially wedding parties, circumcision and others forms of gatherings, according to a statement of the services of the Prime Minister.

As they always fall within the framework of preserving the health of citizens and protecting them from any danger of the spread of the Coronavirus, these measures aim, in view of the epidemiological situation, at easing the current apparatus of protection and prevention.

For this purpose, the following measures, which are scheduled for a period of twenty-one (21) days, will enter into force as of Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

  1. With regard to home partial quarantine:

Lifting the partial home quarantine procedure currently applied at the level of the twenty-three (23) concerned provinces.

  1. With regard to social and economic activities:

Extension of the procedures applied to the regular and weekly markets, related to the strengthening of the control body by the competent authorities, in order to verify the extent to which prevention and protection measures are adhered to, and to apply the penalties prescribed under the applicable regulation, against violators.

  1. In the field of public gatherings:

Extends, throughout the national territory, the procedure for prohibiting all kinds of people and family gatherings, in particular weddings, circumcisions and other events.

The procedure for the final withdrawal of the license to practice the activity is extended for concert halls that violate the ban in force.

In this context, the government reminds that lifting the partial home lockdown procedure across the entire national territory, according to the decline in cases of infection recorded in these recent days, does not mean that the danger is over once and for all, and it should not lead to ignore vigilance on the part of citizens, but on the contrary. The lifting of the lockdown procedure should be an incentive to support this downward trend in the rate of infections with this pandemic, provided that citizens continue to strictly adhere to the preventive measures against infection and the various health protocols approved by the Scientific Committee to follow up on the development of the Coronavirus pandemic and allocated to various economic, commercial and social activities.

In this regard, the government stresses the importance of vaccination, which did not see the desired pace and dynamism, although it constitutes the best means of prevention and protection for citizens and society as a whole. It also remains the essential element that contributes to the return to the normal situation and the full resumption of economic and social activities.

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