The intellectual career of Mohamed Arkoun was a topic of a study day in Annaba

The intellectual career of the Algerian writer, thinker, academic researcher and historian Mohamed Arkoun (1928-2010) was the topic of a study meeting organized today, Saturday, in Annaba, in the presence of writers, university professors and a number of students.

This meeting, organized by Annaba Main Library for Public Reading, in coordination with the Algerian Association of Philosophical Studies, is part of a series of cultural and intellectual meetings organized by the main library of public reading in Annaba to introduce the poles of Algerian literature and thought, according to what was explained by the director of the library, Saliha Naouasser.

The participants in this meeting invoked the thought of Mohamed Arkoun and his contributions to enriching the discussion on issues of thought and questioning the mind on philosophical and spiritual issues, focusing on his critical thought, which “rejects postulates and calls for questioning the mind to enter the world of modernity and adapt to the times.”

For reference, several works and writings by the Algerian thinker Mohamed Arkoun have been printed, including “Humanization and Interpretation in Arkoun’s Thought”.

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