The Islamic Cultural Centre organises a blood donation campaign in Algiers

The Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC), in collaboration with the National Blood Agency, organised on Wednesday in Algiers a blood donation campaign on the occasion of the World Cancer Day, celebrated on February 4 each year.

In a statement to the media, the head of the department of cultural activity, protection of Islamic heritage and public relations at the ICC, Moussa Zerrouk said that this campaign was part of the awareness actions conducted by the Centre in the capital and the country’s provinces, in coordination with the National Blood Agency, stressing that this initiative comes on the occasion of the World Cancer Day.

“Blood donation is one of the guidelines of our religion as it saves lives, especially in traffic accidents, in hospitals, and for people in need,” said Zerrouk.

For her part, Mrs. Bariza Baba Ali, general practitioner at the Aït Idir hospital, pointed out the conditions that the blood donor must meet, particularly in terms of age and physical health. She explained that the donor must be between 18 and 65 years old, in good health and weigh more than 50 kg.

She added that men can donate blood four times a year and women three times a year, urging donors to drink plenty of water and fluids the night before and eat a healthy meal.

She also pointed out that the donor goes through several steps, including check-in and then tests by the doctor, who then asks questions about the donor’s health condition.

Donors have welcomed this humanitarian initiative, calling for its generalisation throughout the neighbourhoods of Algiers and the other provinces of the country, calling on citizens to get closer to hospitals and mobile blood collection centres to help save lives.

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