The Minister of Communication praises the efforts of the press in covering the work of the Arab Summit in Algeria

The Minister of Communication, Mohamed Bouslimani, praised today, Thursday, the efforts of the national and foreign press in covering the work of the Arab Summit hosted by Algeria.

The Minister of Communication wrote in a message in this regard: “Following the resounding success of our country’s hosting on the first and second of November, the Arab Summit in its 31st session, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and respect to the family of the national press for their professional media coverage” of this “exceptional” event.

Through this coverage, the national press confirmed its “experience, professional sense and commitment to the issues of the Arab nation, which Algeria is always keen to reunite and activate inter-relations of cooperation to confront the current situation in our region amid complex international interactions and challenges,” as indicated by Mr. Bouslimani.

After calling on it to “continue to work and pay attention to accompanying the state’s efforts in constructing and keeping pace with the construction of the new Algeria,” the Minister of Communication expressed his wishes for “more excellence for the national press, which has honored the profession and the country, which continues to make glories and successes with determination and within the framework of unity and integration of efforts.”

He was also keen to commend the role of the accredited foreign press in covering this important event.

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