The Ministry of Interior organizes a major national cleaning campaign tomorrow, Friday

The Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities and Urban Development announced today, Thursday, the organization of a major national cleaning campaign on Friday, dedicated to eliminating black spots across the national provinces.

The same source explained that, “in implementation of the instructions and directives given during the government’s meeting with the governors, held on September 24 and 25, related to improving the living conditions of the citizens and taking care of their concerns, especially those related to the need to give special importance to the cleanliness of the environment, a major national campaign will be organized for the cleanliness of the environment and the elimination of black spots, across all provinces of the country, tomorrow, Friday, September 30.

The Ministry confirmed that this campaign “will be added to the daily and permanent tasks of the public hygiene facility concerned with local communities, to be carried out on a regular and intensive basis every weekend, and it aims to remedy some of the recorded deficiencies by mobilizing the means available at the local level to remove black spots and random dumps of household and similar solid waste.”

The operation will affect residential neighborhoods, urban, semi-urban and rural areas, the edges of public roads, lanes, public spaces, mosques, cemeteries, neighborhood markets and adjacent places, passenger transport stations and along the perimeter of the city railways and adjacent areas.

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