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National Symposium on Industrial Recovery: mobilizing national competencies to boost Industrial Growth and National Economy.

The National Symposium on Industrial Recovery, which kicked off today, Saturday in Algiers, under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic, Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune, aims to mobilize national talent, local and expatriate, to boostindustrial growth and national economy.

The proceedings of this symposium, organized by the Ministry of Industry, will last from 4 to 6 December at the Palais des Nations (opening and official speeches) and at the International Conference Center (discussion sessions and workshops), under the slogan “Together to rise to the challenge.”

During the symposium, economic recovery mechanisms will be discussed with all the actors in the sector (industrial companies of all kinds), project holders (including startups), the actors in the industrial goods market, the institutions concerned with supportand supervision in the field of industry, directed studies or research centers as well as experts.

This event also aims to urge industrial enterprises to establish dialogue among themselves and with their partners in other sectors (agriculture, hydrocarbons, trade, finance, innovation and scientific research) to benefit from all possible aspects of cooperation, to mobilize local and expatriate national competencies in order to benefit from their experiences and to involve all actors in the objectives and plan of the Ministry of Industry.

Building an economic model based on diversification of growth and a knowledge economy is one of the most prominent commitments included in the President of the Republic’s program and included in the government’s action plan, which relies on an economic recovery based on the strong participation of the industrial sector, to improve economic efficiency and valorizethe resources by transferring them and producing commodities that contribute to supporting other sectors and helping to meet the growing needs of the population.

The ministry’s strategy aims to achieve two goals: import substitution and the development of the export of industrial goods within the industrial branches. To achieve this, a draft “ambitious, practical and realistic” work plan will be presented during this seminar for enrichment and debate.

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