The person accused of spreading fake news and calling on citizens to boycott Covid 19 vaccination against put in custody

The investigative judge at the Court of Sidi M’hamed (Algiers) ordered to put the accused “Z. M. A “ in temporary confinement as part of the case relating to the “misuse of social media, spreading fake and false news, and calling on citizens to boycott vaccination against the Corona virus (Covid-19).”

The main public prosecutor at the same court, Noureddine Treaa, indicated during a press conference he held today, Monday, that the accused had used social media sites, specifically the “Tik Tok” application, to “spread fake and false news, especially in light of the epidemiological situation which besets the whole world and calling on citizens not to take the vaccination against Covid-19 on the grounds that it harms the health of citizens and leads to death, in addition to impersonating a doctor, which aroused the indignation of doctors as the Doctors’ Union was heard as a civil party.

Mr. Treaa added that after the suspect was presented and heard, he was charged by the investigating judge for the misdemeanor of “publishing and disseminating fake and malicious news that would prejudice public security or public order, interfering in an unqualified manner in the public and civil functions represented in the profession of a doctor and stealthily taking pictures and videos and publishing them via an electronic network and social networking sites with the intent of harming and compromising the health profession and health structures and institutions, which are considered punishable acts by to the Penal Code.

For his part, the head of the Anti-Terrorism and Incitement Squad of the provincial directorate for Security of the province of Algiers, Police Governor Seddik Hakim, gave explanations about this case, which was monitored – as he said – “by tracking what is circulated in cyberspace by following up on the activity of the accused, who used the adjective of his affiliation with the medical staff working at Nafisa Hammoud Hospital in Hussein Dey, which enabled him to attract about 1.7 million viewers.

He explained that this capacity was exploited by the suspect in exchange for his guarantee of accompanying his parents for treatment in the Covid-19 department in the same hospital from July 27, 2021 until August 18 of the same year, after which he offered services to the patients’ families as an assistant to take care of them in return for a sum of money.

And while he was in the hospital – the same speaker adds – “the suspect took advantage of recording and publishing false information by commenting on the situation in the Covid-19 department, calling for a boycott of the vaccination not to mention promoting the ineffectiveness of this vaccine.”

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