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The President of the Republic awarded the National Order of Merit with the rank of “Achir” to a number of managers of public and private industrial companies and start-ups.

The President of the Republic, AbdelmadjidTebboune, awarded, today, Saturday in Algiers, the National Order of Merit, with the rank of “Achir”, to a numberof managers of public and private national industrial companies, founders of start-ups as well as inventor researchers, in honor of their contribution to diversifying the national economy.

This awardis in line with Presidential Decree No. 21-486 dated December 2, 2021, according to which the President of the Republic awards “the National Order of Merit, with the rank of “Achir”, to a group of distinguished children of Algeria in many fields of modern science and entrepreneurship and the creation of startups that generate knowledge and wealth, in gratitude and honor for their remarkable talents and their relentless efforts in serving the higher interest of the country and raising the level of their nation in international forums,” according to the presentation made during the awarding ceremony.

the National Medal of Merit was awarded to Sonatrach’s CEO, ToufikHakkar, “in gratitude for his rigorous and transparent management of the group and his role in maintaining the national production of hydrocarbons and developing the prospection for new fields and his contribution to resorting to Algerian subcontractors and thus strengthening Sonatrach’s role in the national industrial sector.

The same award was also granted to the CEO of “Saidal”group FatoumAkasem, and the CEO of “Cosidar” group LakhdarRakhrokh, among others

Algerian researcher and inventor in the field of electronics, BelkacemHaba, who holds more than 1,500 patents, was also honored.

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