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The Prime Ministry: Extending the current preventionand protection measuresfor a period of 10 days, as from tomorrow, Sunday

The Prime Minister,Mr. Aïmane Benabderrahmane, decided to take a number of measures related to managing the health crisis generatedby the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, including the extension of the current prevention and protection measuresfor a period of ten days, as from tomorrow, Sunday, according to a statement issued today, Saturday, by the Prime Minister’s services.


The full statement is as follows:


“In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, Mr. AbdelmadjidTebboune, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and Minister of National Defense, and following consultations with the Scientific Committee for monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the Health Authority, the Prime Minister, Mr. AïmaneBenabderrahmane, decided to take a number of Measures to be implemented as part of the health crisis management apparatus associated with the Corona virus pandemic.

Still within the framework of preserving the health of citizens and protecting them from any danger related to the spread of the Corona virus, these measures aim, given the epidemiological situation, to adapt the current apparatus of protection and prevention.

The epidemiological situation in our country has witnessed, in recent days, an increase in cases of infection, as it will inevitably know an acceleration in the pace of its spread and its repercussions on the capabilities of our health structures, given the great leniency observed among our citizens in adhering to prevention measures and various health protocols on the one hand, and the low rate of vaccination on the other hand.

At a time when it was further exacerbated by the emergence of the new“Omicron”  variant which is wide spreading in many countries of the world, the epidemiological situation now requires the commitment of all citizens to support national efforts to combat this global pandemic, by continuing to comply with prevention measures, especially the compulsory wearing of a protective mask and the respect of the rules of hygiene and physical distancing, but also through vaccination, which remains the best preventive method that will protect citizens from the dangerous effects of this pandemic.

In this regard, the Scientific Committee and the Health Authority continue to recommend to citizens the necessity of complying with the preventive measures and the various health protocols designated for various economic, commercial and social activities, and urgently urge citizens to massively adhere to vaccination campaigns that have not yet achieved the desired results.

In the face of this situation, and in the interest of the necessity of protecting our citizens, the government has adopted a new measure, by creating a health passthat has already been activated to access stadiums and concert halls, as a condition for entering and leaving the national territory, and accessing some spaces, places and buildings of collective use where ceremonies, parties and events of a cultural, sports or festive events take place.


It concerns, at a first stage:


Stadiums and venues for sports events and competitions


Sports halls, sports facilities and swimming pools


Spaces and places that host meetings, conferences and seminars


Cinema halls, theaters, museums, exhibition spaces and venues


Spaces and places for celebrations and demonstrations of a national and local character


Halls, salons and exhibitions


Wedding halls and public baths.


Arrangements will also be made to intensify vaccination operations for employees and some departments and public bodies, as well as other professions in the services and trade sectors that are supposed to be at the forefront of the demand for vaccinations, and which are more likely or may be one of the most carriers of infection.

These measures fall within the effort to systematically adapt the health crisis management system, also aim to avoid resorting to measures to restrict movement and suspend some economic, commercial, and social activities, and even home quarantine.

In the same context, the government decided to strengthen control operations in order to ensure strict respect for the measures taken in this field, especially the mandatory wearing of a protective mask and adherence to the rules of hygiene and physical distancing, as well as the strict application of various health protocols, with the resolute implementation of administrative and penal sanctions against violators.

Finally, the government calls on all citizens to realize the seriousness of the alarming health situation prevailing across the world, and the possibility of a new exacerbation of infections, which would expose us to the difficult conditions that our country previously experienced during the third wave of this epidemic.

It also reminds that it will take decisions which correspondto the development of the epidemiological situation, consisting of movement restrictions and some activities suspension.

The government also renews its calls for collective discipline and responsibility in complying with the preventive measures, especially with regard to the mandatory wearing of the protective mask and the rules of hygiene and physical distancing and urges citizens who are not vaccinated to massivelytake part in vaccination campaigns.

The current prevention and protection measures and will be applied for a period of ten (10) days, as from tomorrow Sunday, December 26, 2021.”

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