Tipaza: Dismantling of a criminal network operating in the center of the country

The judicial police of the Security Services of Kolea in the province of Tipaza dismantled a criminal network operating in the center of the country by swindling people and pretending to grant them social housing in return for significant amounts of money, according to a statement issued today, Friday, by the province’s Security Media Cell.

The statement indicated that the Security Services of the Kolea  arrested a gang consisting of 11 people who swindled citizens by forging official administrative documents and papers, imitating seals and impersonating a public official, by pretending to grant them social housing in exchange for a significant amount of money.

The elements of this criminal network, which targeted low- and middle-income people, swindled their victims by showing forged decision documents and forged rental contracts for housing in exchange for varying amounts of money, according to the statement.

During this process, a group of forged administrative documents were seized, consisting of contracts and decision documents, receipts and forged identification cards, in addition to the keys of fake apartments and a sum of money exceeding 220,000 dinars, a laptop computer and mobile phones, the same source added.

In the light of this case, a judicial file was completed against the suspects, with the charge of fraud, forgery and the use of forgery in official administrative documents, imitating seals and signatures and impersonating a public official and they were presented before the competent regional prosecution.

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