Tlemcen: Signing of two agreements between Fishing Ports Management Company and investors in shipbuilding

Two agreements were signed, yesterday, Thursday, at the headquarter of the province of Tlemcen, between the director of the Fishing Ports Management Company in Ghazaouet and two investors operating in the field of shipbuilding.

Under the two agreements, investors operating in the port of Hanin will be granted two land plots at the level of the port of Sidna Youcha, devoted to fishing in the high seas, according to a statement of the director of the Fishing Ports Management Company in Ghazaouet Rachid Larkoub.

“Technonoval” comapny benefited from the first land, which has an area of ​​5,000 square meters, and the second, of an area of ​​3,670 square meters was granted to the limited liability company “Al Rabie”.

The conclusion of the two agreements comes in implementation of the recent instructions of the President of the Republic aimed at encouraging shipbuilding and maintenance of large vessels for the development of marine fishing at sea, the same source adds.

The signing ceremony of the two agreements, which was attended by local authorities and representatives of the Ministries of Interior, the Fisheries and Fishing Resources, allowed the governor of the province Amoumen Marmouri to emphasize the importance of shipbuilding, especially in the province of Tlemcen, which recorded in the past two years a significant development in the fishing and aquaculture sectors.

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