Towards implementation of IT system to prepare and implement state budget in the future

Ministry of Finance is willing to set  an informatics system in the future to prepare and implement the state budget within the framework of modernizing the management of Public Affairs in general and public expenditures in particular, revealed on Wednesday in Blida, the Central Director of the General Directorate of budget, Farid beltrache.

Mr. Belatrahe explained in his speech at the opening of a workshop on ” budget reform and Organic Law No. 15/18 related to Finance Law” The Ministry of Finance is preparing two informatics systems, one for the preparation of the state budget and the other for its implementation.

This ministerial department will also work within the framework of its future work plan, which is based on the use of modern media and communication technologies to introduce electronic signature system, adds the same official.

In order to explain the legal framework prepared to keep pace with the deep reforms initiated by the Ministry of Finance with a view to modernizing the management of the state budget system, the General Directorate of the budget has started to organize a series of meetings and workshops to explain the contents of Organic Law No. 15/18 on the finance law at the central as well as local level for the boards, financial management staff as well as the accountants, says Mr. Belatrache.

In this regard, the lecture hall of Blida city hosted today a workshop on this topic, which is the third after the meetings organized in Algiers and Bouira provinces, to explain the objectives of the budgetary reform, which were summarized in the development of a management system based on results and performance, improvement of the forecasting system and modernization of working procedures.

Speaking at the workshop, the ministry’s board executives addressed the advantages of implementing these reforms in the management of public funds, especially those related to ensuring transparency, achieving better management of financial resources, strengthening reporting system, obtaining more and better quality data on the results of various programs, as well as increasing transparency about the work of the government

According to the organizers, the ministry is organizing these workshops to explain the contents of this organic law as well as budget reform across all provinces of the country.

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