Towards implementing a strategy to develop investment in the green circular economy

The Minister of Environment, Samia Moualfi, indicated today, Monday from the province of El-Oued, that her services have been implementing a strategy capable of developing investment in the fields of green circular economy.

During the working visit of inspection that led her to the environmental facilities and structures in the province, the minister stressed that this endeavor falls within the framework of the implementation of the government’s program that includes the obligation to create alternative wealth outside of hydrocarbons by seizing investment opportunities in the fields of green circular economy.

Moualfi indicated that the ministry’s agencies have committed themselves to achieving the program’s goals of technical promotion of this type of effective projects with the aim of encouraging young people to start investing in this productive field that would effectively contribute to the dynamic of national economy.

She added that emphasis, in the initial stage, was laid on encouraging young people to engage in establishing micro-enterprises specialized in the recycling of household waste and the circular economy, given that this waste has become a source of pollution to the environment and turn it into a real wealth that can be used to diversify the sources of the national economy.

Moualfi also emphasized that with the aim of achieving technical investment in accordance with the studied specifications, the Ministry put at the disposal of those wishing to access the world of investment a calendar of professional training patterns at the the National Institute of Environmental Training at the provincial level, especially in the specialization of waste recycling and circular economy, which qualifies them to set up those micro-enterprises.

The Ministry of Environment, in the context of supporting project owners, has taken a number of administrative measures within the facilities provided, mainly eliminating various bureaucratic obstacles that stand in the way of the field implementation of projects and the creation of areas of activities for youth holders of environmental projects.

The Minister of Environment continued her inspection visit by visiting an exhibition of environmental clubs, startups and manufacturing industries, which includes more than 25 exhibitors. She also supervised the opening of a training course in the field of household waste recycling and the circular economy for 20 young people.

She also supervised the signing of agreements with six (6) municipal mayors (local communities) and the National Institute of Environmental Training relating to a training in the field of solar energies and a partnership agreement with civil society.

Samia Moulafi also supervised the ceremony of handing over training certificates to young project holders in the field of solar energy and the distribution of financial credits and tax exemptions to young micro-project holders by the National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development.

The Minister of Environment concluded her visit by holding a working meeting at the House of Culture Mohamed Al-Amine Al-Amoudi in Al-Chatt with civil society and active associations in the field of environment, where many outstanding concerns were raised and promised to examine them with the various departments of the ministry.

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