Towards liberalizing new frequency spectrum to improve mobile Internet

The Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Ibrahim Boumzar, committed today, Wednesday, in Algiers, to liberalizing the spectrum of new frequencies after those granted to the three mobile phone operators in 2020, in order to improve mobile Internet.

Mr. Bomzar said during a meeting to evaluate the implementation of the sector plan in the mobile phone field for the first quarter of 2021: “I committed myself to the three mobile phone operators (Mobilis, Djezzy and Ooredoo) in order to give them 20 to 30 MHz equitably on the 2300 MHz spectrum.”

The minister explained that this meeting, which brought together representatives of the three mobile phone operators, aims to assess the impact of the exploitation of the frequency spectrum (15 MHz distributed equally between these institutions) for the past 7 months.

Mr. Boumzar expressed his “willingness to negotiate with the stakeholders to liberalize other frequency bundles and place them at the disposal of mobile phone operators,” on the condition that they commit to investing more and releasing these packages as soon as possible in order to provide better service quality and a higher flow.

“We have taken on our responsibilities in the past year by liberalizing the amount of bandwidths necessary to improve the service quality,” he said, adding that this would allow “a significant improvement in the quality of mobile Internet flow.”

He revealed that he reminded the various dealers of their rights and duties, especially those stipulated in the “GSM” specifications and the third generation to cover the network of provincial capitals, residential communities and road axes, considering them to be “insufficient”.

The minister pointed out that some places are not covered and others are partially covered by the mobile phone network, which prompted citizens to have three segments for different operators in order to communicate.


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