Trade Minister: Thinking of organizing a grapes fair as of next year in Boumerdes

The Minister of Trade and Export Promotion, Kamel Rezzig, revealed today, Tuesday, in Boumerdes, the idea of ​​organizing an annual national fair devoted to grapes and its various food derivatives, as of next year in the province of Boumerdes.

In a press statement made on the sidelines of his supervision, accompanied by a number of ambassadors and state authorities, of the launch of the first export expo, which will last for 3 days in the province of Boumerdes, Rezzig said that his ministerial department is thinking, in coordination with the relevant local authorities, of organizing an annual national exhibition devoted to grapes and its various derivatives during 2022 in the province of Boumerdes.

After he indicated that the wilaya counted 166 exporters and 245 importers in various products, the minister recorded that it produces more than 40 percent of grapes nationally. Therefore, an exhibition of this product would consolidate and restore the position of Boumerdes as a capital of the product of this fruit and introduce the wilaya’s capabilities in the field.

Meanwhile, the Minister mentioned the establishment, under the instructions of the President of the Republic, of the national card for Algerian products, which “includes about 11,000 operators in various fields and 388,000 Algerian products are all exportable due to their high quality and compliance with international standards in the field.”

In the same context, the minister pointed out that the value of the various Algerian exports to the countries of the world amounted to 3.3 billion dollars until the end of last September, stressing the gradual trend towards reaching 4 billion dollars in exports by the end of the current year.

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