Traffic accidents: 34 people died and 1,209 injured in a week

Civil protection services recorded the death of 34 people and the injury of 1,209 others in various traffic accidents during the past week, according to the toll of the same services.

The Civil Protection statement indicated that during the period from 06 to 12 February, the heaviest toll was recorded in the province of Blida, with the death of 03 people at the scene of the accident and the injury of 50 others who were treated and transferred to hospital centers following 50 traffic accidents.

The civil protection units also made 838 interventions that allowed to put out 511 fires, including industrial and household fires, the most important of which were in the province of Algiers, where 81 interventions were recorded following 54 fires, the source adds.

With regard to activities related to the prevention of the spread of the Coronvirus Covid-19, during the same period, civil protection units carried out 173 awareness-raising operations across the national territory for the benefit of citizens across 58 provinces, urging them and reminding them of the need to respect the rules of quarantine, wearing a protective mask and social distancing, In addition to carrying out 155 public sterilization operations across 58 provinces, affecting several public facilities and structures, especially residential complexes and streets.

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