Traffic code: new measures come into force on Tuesday

The new measures relating to the traffic code entered into force as from this Tuesday, the new measures are relating to the cancellation of the procedures of suspension and withdrawal of the driving licence by the commissions, and the application of fixed fines to the offenders which can reach 7.000 DA with bringing of the driver in front of the legal authorities in the case of establishment of report of offence.

As announced by the joint ministerial circular of the Ministries of Interior, Local Assemblies, and Urban Planning and that of Transport, the new measure on the official cancelation of the withdrawal of driving licenses entered, as of today, Feb 01st, 2022, into force.

Regarding these new measures, Abdelhakim Nacef, in charge of management at the National Delegation for Road Safety (DNSR), told the newspaper “El Khabar” that in the case where the driver commits a traffic offence “the security officer proceeds to the retention of the driving license and not to its withdrawal and issues a document authorising the offending driver to drive for a period of ten (10) days from the date of the offence.

In the case of non-payment of the fixed fine during the set period, the driver is no longer allowed to drive and can pay the minimum fine for a period of 45 days from the date of the contravention. The amount of the fine ranges from DA 2,000 to DA 5,000, depending on its degree, as provided for in Law 17-05, and this before the drawing up of the penalty notice of non-payment transmitted to the competent judicial authorities, together with the driving licence with the increase of the fine from DA 3,000 to DA 7,000. The offences are directly submitted to justice.

According to the same source, these procedures are part of the authorities’ efforts to “lighten administrative procedures in the enforcement of the traffic code” and to “reduce the workload on the security and administrative services” which face “strong pressure”, by directing their efforts towards the fight against road insecurity and encouraging offenders to pay the fine.

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