“TV interview” program continues to open the debate on the political scene in Algeria

The public establishment of Algerian television continues to stimulate discussions with various political parties about the political scene in Algeria, through the weekly program “The TV Interview,” which hosts leaders and representatives of political formations and academics to talk about the challenges and entitlements that await the country, as well as the nature of practical mechanisms to rebuild confidence through candid speeches that convince Algerians to engage in the process of building a strong state.

In this regard, the Acting Head of the Freedom and Justice Party, Djamel Benziadi, said that “political life in Algeria has been distorted over the past years,” adding on “TV Interview” program on Thursday’s evening, “Today we need a new political life to build a new Algeria.

Speaking about the legislative elections scheduled for next June 12th, Mr. Benziadi stressed the need to involve young people in political life, stressing that the Independent National Elections Authority faces a new challenge to make this date a success “by its keenness on the transparency of the elections.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Dignity Party, Mohammed Daoui, said that his party will enter the next elections “with new ideas, focusing on persuading young people to engage in political activities,” noting that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, through his political reforms “gave all guarantees to build a new Algeria, through strong institutions, and Algerians must have faith in the state institutions”.

On the role of the Independent National Authority for Elections, Mohammed Daoui added, “The authority is required to provide all conditions for transparency and impartiality in the legislation of the next 12th of June.”

As for the professor of political science and international relations at the University of Ouargla, Professor Bouhnia Kaoui, he said, “The political scene in Algeria has gone through a phase of desertification and event activity, and it is time for these behaviors to change”, calling on political parties “to work and earn citizen’s trust with a new speech and to instill true democracy within their structures while working on training and supervising those involved.”

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