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University 2021-2022: Around 1.7 million students join universities seats

1,696,000 students, including 345,872 new students, are joining the university on Sunday, on the occasion of the starting of the university year 2021-2022, a starting characterized by the vaccination campaign in the universities.

To make this starting successful, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has adopted a number of measures based on the adoption of governance in the conduct of administrative processes and updating the health protocol to address the coronavirus pandemic while strengthening the human and physical framework to reach a qualitative composition.

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has undertaken an evaluation of the experience of the hybrid system, which is based on an alternation between face-to-face teaching and distance learning.

This system is based on face-to-face teaching for the fundamental and methodological units, and distance learning for the transversal and discovery modules.

The sector of Higher Education and Scientific Research has also been consolidated, for the start of the academic year 2021/2022, by the opening of the National Higher Schools of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence to host the first classes composed of 200 students each.

The higher education sector will also be strengthened for this academic year by the reception of 20,200 new teaching seats across the country, increasing the overall capacity to 1,471,000 teaching seats, adding to that 21,170 beds received in several provinces where the capacity has increased to 671,000 beds.

For the pedagogical staff, 1,400 new positions have been attributed for the recruitment of assistant professors of class B, with the exploitation of the vacant positions for the year 2020, and this is in addition to 1,655 positions that have been filled for the recruitment of assistant professors of class B and 429 positions of university hospital professors of class B, which will reinforce the current capacities of pedagogical staff that will reach 65,500 professors-researchers, an average of one professor for 25 students.

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