University of Bechar: graduation of the first class of Doctors from the Faculty of Medicine

The first class of 32 general practitioners graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences “Tahri Mohamed” University in Bechar after a seven-year pedagogical and theoretical training course (2014-2021).

Speaking at the ceremony, the Governor of Bechar, Mohamed Said Benkamou, stressed that “this class, result of the political will of the high authorities of the country in training health sector specialists in the south of the country”.

The Governors also announced that the members of this first promotion will be assigned to strengthen the health structures throughout the province.

For his part, “Tahri Mohamed” university rector said that this promotion “is an achievement for the province, which will consolidate its medical staffing”.

“The contribution of teachers from the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Regional Military University Hospital of Bechar  “Dahmani Slimane” has been very important in the theoretical and practical training of these doctors,” added the same source.

For his part, the president of the council of medical ethics, Dr Ben Dada Cheikh, who took part in the swearing-in ceremony, affirmed on this occasion that “the training and graduation of this first class of doctors confirms the laborious and serene work of the teachers and the administrative staff of Science University and Bechar University”.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at the same university was inaugurated in 2014. It is the first university institution in the south-west of the country dedicated to university training in medical sciences and is staffed by some 40 specialists.


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