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Western Sahara: Morocco occupation forces storm the home of Sahrawi militants Sultana and Al Ouarra Khaya

Masked Moroccan occupation forces broke into the home of Khaya family in Boujdour. Moroccan occupation forces stormed the home of the family of Sahrawi activist Sultana Khaya, who has been under siege for more than five months, and attacked and abused her family members.

In a statement of the two activists, Sultana and Ouarra say that they were chocked when agents entered before dawn as the family was sleeping, assaulted their brother, tied them and confiscated home stuff.

In a dangerous development, the two activists reported that they were “raped with a stick by agents from the occupation forces in clear defiance of all international laws and conventions, international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Occupied Land Affairs and Sahrawi Communities condemned the escalation of the Moroccan occupation’s crimes against Sahrawi civilians demanding freedom and independence, expressing its full and unconditional solidarity with all the victims of the barbaric Moroccan occupation machine.

The ministry stated, in a statement, that “in the context of Morocco’s hysteria and in parallel with its moody and childish battles against a group of international parties that are rejecting its aggressive plans and misleading approaches and their adherence to the application of international legitimacy in Western Sahara, the repressive bodies of this criminal regime have recently doubled down on their revenge policies and stepped up its aggression against activists, human rights defenders and Sahrawi political activists.”

The ministry expressed its “full and unconditional solidarity with all the victims of the barbaric occupation machine,” while holding the occupation regime “fully responsible for all that was resulted and will result from its crimes against the unarmed Sahrawi civilians.”

It also called on the International Red Cross and international human rights organizations and bodies to “urgently intervene in order to stand with the Sahrawi people who are under the occupation authority and protect them from its crimes that are daily escalating, especially after November 13, 2020, the date of the Moroccan army’s violation of the ceasefire agreement in the Guerguerat region and the Sahrawi state declared a return to armed struggle in response to this serious breach.

The organization called on the UN Security Council, the United Nations and the African and European Union to “assume their responsibilities and oblige the Moroccan occupying state to respect international legitimacy in Western Sahara and to assure the Sahrawi people of their inalienable right to freedom and independence.

It also called on the Sahrawis “in all over the world for more solidarity in the facing the oppressive policies of the occupation state and to raise awareness of its malicious intrigues.”

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