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Western Sahara: Zambia closes its consulate in occupied Laayoune

Republic of Zambia announced, yesterday, Wednesday, the closure of its “consulate” in the occupied city of Laayoune in Western Sahara. The closure comes in less than four months after its inauguration, which was by then considered as an act of violation of international law and also a violation of African Union Charter. The same action was taken by Rwanda after reversing its decision.

Zambia government revealed, in a reply letter on what was circulated regarding the decision to close the consulate, that Zambia has no longer any consulate in Western Sahara, after the closure of what was called Consulate General.

The decision of the Republic of Zambia also comes following Burundi’s decision on January 23rd to close its “consulate” in the occupied Laayoune city in Western Sahara, which was considered as a diplomatic setback for Morocco in Western Sahara.

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