Wheelchair Basketball… Algerian ladies win the continental title

The Algerian women’s wheelchair basketball team won the continental title after defeating its South African counterpart (67-29) today, Saturday, in the final of the game’s African Championship now being held in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

On the occasion, the Algerian squad achieved its fifth consecutive victory in this competition after the first four victories in the first round.

In a tournament played in the form of a mini championship (first and second legs), due to the participation of only three teams, the Algerian champions of the African title, dominated all competitors,

After outperforming Ethiopia (79-23 and 59-22) and South Africa (48-32 and 70-18) and thanks to Saturday’s victory over South Africa, Algeria keeps the African title for the third time in a row.

As for men, the national team was unable to form five (5) players on the field in its first three matches, due to the infection of a number of its players with the Corona virus.

This tournament (men) took place among five teams: South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Algeria. However, the title will be played between Egypt and South Africa, which have shown better levels.

The winner of the tournament for men and women will represent the African continent in the Dubai World Cup – November 2022.

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