“When Days Hurt Us” brings together most prominent Algerian drama stars in new TV show

The kickoff of the shooting of the drama series “When Days Hurt Us” was given yesterday evening, in the port of Sidi Fredj in Algiers, in the presence of the Director General of the Algerian Television, Mr. Chaaban Lounakel, the Director General of the Algerian Radio, Mohamed Baghali, and the executives of the Algerian Television.

The series is directed by Ammar Si Fodil, the scenario is written by Houria Khadir and production is made by the Algerian public television.

Director Ammar Si Fodil, who is making his first television experience after successful cinematic works, chose the most prominent television and cinema stars in Algeria to take the lead roles, such as Mustapha Laribi, Aziz Boukroni, Fazya Tougarti and Nesrine Serghini.

Well-known names in the Algerian art scene will play in the series, which is produced by the Algerian television, including Amal Mingad, Nassima Shams, Briber Abdelkrim, Adlan Bakhouch, Ahmed Maddah, Iman Nawal, Mohjan Asma, Faouzi Ben Brahim, Nasreddine Joudi and other artists.

The series “When the Days Hurt Us” tells the story of “Khaled”, the complex character that overlaps and meets with the other characters of the series in different relationships that were established, consolidated and worsened based on Khaled’s desires and ambition, and his biggest unfulfilled dream of having a boy, but life drew him intersecting fates and put him in conflict with hidden feelings for a lost dream.

After an absence, the days re-arranged a new era between “Khaled” and “Djamila” to try to resurrect their love story amid the rejection of their daughter Wafaa, who did not accept her father who abandoned them both to their fate for more than twenty-three years.

The series delves deeply into the psychological and social aspect of human personalities through models that embody positive and negative values ​​such as love, perseverance and work for self-fulfillment in exchange for betrayal, greed, conspiracy, and others, all this in a struggle driven by the events experienced by Khaled and the rest of the series characters.

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