World Environment Day: Ministry of Environment organizes several awareness and information activities across the country

The Ministry of Environment will organize, today Saturday, on the occasion of World Environment Day, coinciding with the fifth of June of each year, several awareness and information activities related to the environmental field, including the role of the environment at the level of all its affiliate institutions across the country, according to a statement issued today, Friday by the same ministry.

On the occasion of this World Environment Day, held this year under the slogan “Restoring generations… Restoring innovation…for the sake of nature,” an international virtual expo for waste management will be organized at the National Waste Agency headquarters, as well as pedagogical workshops for children on various environmental issues.

The same source added that “as part of the event, partnership agreements will be signed with universities, sports clubs and state bodies, in addition to the organization of national forums on the role of young people as “green entrepreneurs” in sustainable development, as well as open environmental exhibitions and campaigns to clean beaches, ports and dams with the aim of purifying them from waste.

The statement stressed, in the same context, that these activities will affect most of the provinces of the country with the participation of associative movements and sectors of agriculture, culture, youth, tourism, sports, public works as well as universities.

As for celebrations at the global level, the Ministry of Environment stated that this year’s World Environment Day will be celebrated in Pakistan, which is the host country for the day’s events and celebrations, and which calls for “urgent action all over the world to restore ecosystems that have been damaged by destroying human businesses.”

It also called for considering “ecosystem restoration” a “global task” that is not limited to governmental or non-governmental efforts only, but that all efforts must be pooled to restore the ecological balance of millions of hectares of land destroyed by humans due to inappropriate and unauthorized practices, according to the same source.

It highlighted that these inappropriate and unauthorized practices have begun to show their effects in the environmental imbalance, climate change, temperature differences, the extinction of species of living creatures and the change of topography in those places, which led to the lack of a safe place for future generations to live in, and this is why Environment Day is a “wake-up call for current generations about the importance of preserving the environment.”

The source stated, in the same context, that the international organization has put some figures that indicate the seriousness of the current situation with regard to the destruction of the ecosystems of the planet, including that every 3 seconds the world loses forests equal to a football field, and over the past century half of the wet lands have been destroyed where up to 50% of coral reefs have already been lost, and we could lose up to 90% of them by 2050.

The organization pointed out – the same source added- that the loss of the ecosystem deprives the world of carbon sinks such as forests at a time that humanity cannot bear its consequences, as greenhouse gas emissions have increased globally for three consecutive years.

The United Nations has also warned from the possibility of a new pandemic as a result of the loss of the ecosystem by reducing the natural habitats of animals, which creates ideal conditions for the spread of pathogens, including the novel corona viruses (Covid 19), the same statement highlights.

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