Writer and journalist, Merzak Bektache passes away at the age of 75 years.

The prominent Algerian Writer and journalist, Merzak Bektache, died on Saturday in capital Algiers at the age of 75 years, the deceased’s relatives announced.

The late Baktache was born on June 13, 1945, in Algiers, and began his writing career as a journalist in 1962 at the Algerian News Agency (APS) and a number of Arab and French newspapers.

Merzak Bektache was the author of several novels in both Arabic and French, including “Noon Birds” (طيور الظهيرة), “An Open Air Dance” (رقصة في الهواء الطلق), “Lobster”(جراد البحر) and the Remains of a Pirate ” (بقايا قرصان).

In 1993, Bektache escaped miraculously a terrorist group’s assignation attempt, and was hit by a bullet at the level of his head.


Merzak Battache’s funeral is set for tomorrow, Sunday, after the noon prayer, at the Kettar cemetery in Algiers.

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