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Yahia Mouzahem: “Timoucha” was a hit for being close to the Algerians and audience participated in writing its second season

During his participation in the new episode of the program “Tabayoun”, which was broadcast on Saturday, director Yahia Mouzahem considered that the series “Timoucha”, of which the second season was broadcast on the Algerian TV last Ramadan, is not a quote in the usual sense, explaining that the quote focused more on Characters, while leaving more space and freedom for events.

Mouzahem added that this option made the Algerian series completely different from the foreign series from which it was inspired, saying: “I did not watch the American or Egyptian versions, but only watched two episodes of them to get an idea of ​​their artistic level.”

For Mouzahem, the secret of the series’s success is its closeness to Algerian society and its concerns, adding: “The series did not go to portray bourgeois life, but focused on a character belonging to the common people. In the second season, we have expanded the aspect related to her family to serve this approach.

The guest of the program “Tabayoun” added that the goal of “Timoucha” was not only to make people laugh, but to “ask questions about form, difference and class, and about the ability to resist temptations and not make concessions.”

Mouzahem said that the team followed the reactions of viewers to the first season of the series (shown on Algerian TV in Ramadan 2020), and took their interaction with it into consideration, which made him add that “the audience participated in writing the second season.”

For her part, the writer of the screenplay “Timoucha” considered that the series was adapted with a purely Algerian vision, as it tried to diagnose the Algerian society, thus attracting more viewers, who each found something of their own, adding: “When I showed the script to the director, he saw that it could be adapted in a way that allowed to extract something purely Algerian from it.”

The new issue of “Tabayoun” also hosted both the writer and Algerian TV journalist Zine El-Abidine Bouacha, who spoke about his experience in journalism and writing, especially about his books “Extraordinary Journalist” and “Corridor of Death: Serkadji Prison, Testimonies and Reflections”, and also Calligrapher Mohamed Saffar Bati who spoke about his experience with the art of Arabic calligraphy and the “International Festival for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy”, which he directs.

It is worth noting that “Tabayoun” was prepared by the journalist Nadia Bouchamba and presented by the writer and poet Abderrazak Boukebba, together with the journalist Fayçal Chibani and the writer Hadjer Kouider. The program is broadcast at 9:30 pm every Saturday on the Algerian news TV Channel 3.

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