Yennayer, a unifying receptacle for national unity and cohesion

The celebration of the Amazigh New Year “Yennayer” is a “unifying receptacle” of the Algerian people, able to strengthen national cohesion, underlined, Sunday in Algiers, the secretary general of the High Commission for the Amazighity (HCA), Si El Hashemi Assad.

“The goal of the celebration of Yennayer, this unifying receptacle of our national unity and our cultural intelligence, is to instill the spirit of nationalism and strengthen the cohesion of the Algerian people,” said Mr. Assad, during a press conference held at the headquarters of National Television, on the occasion of which he presented the program of the official Yennayer festivities for the year 2022, which will take place from January 9 to 12 in the wilaya of Tamanrasset.

In addition to “love for the land and respect for the environment” that must be instilled in the new generation, the celebration of the Amazigh New Year is also intended for the HCA, an opportunity to “strengthen the spirit of pride of our Amazigh civilization “and that of solidarity and fraternity which characterizes the Algerian people,” he added.

As for the organization of this event in the wilaya of Tamanrasset, capital of Ahaggar, Mr. Assad affirmed that this choice was also made “to contribute as an official institution in the strengthening of the internal front, and confirm the strong attachment that exists between the people and their Army “.

For his part, the Director General of the Public Television Corporation, Chabane Lounakel, stressed during his intervention on the occasion of this meeting with the press, the ambition of this public media outlet to promote the Amazigh language in the media and establish new regional television stations across many regions of the country.

As for the Director General of Algerian Radio, Mohamed Beghali, he confirmed that his institution is working to increase the volume of programs in the Berber language on some national radio stations, considering that the Berber language on the radio is applied “with great effectiveness.”

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