Youcef Belmehdi supervises conclusion of activities of 23rd National Week of Holy Quran

Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Youcef Belmehdi, oversaw yesterday, Thursday, in Algiers, the conclusion of the activities of the 23rd National Week of the Holy Quran, by announcing the names of the winners of the national competition for memorizing, reciting and interpreting the Qur’an.

On this occasion, the minister mentioned the history of some of Algeria’s big names who made its glory in the past, and who today, as he said, “must recall their qualities and deeds to indoctrinate the new generation and introduce it to the authenticity of its nation.”

Belmehdi explained, “The heroes of Algeria during the liberation revolution and those who preceded them from the popular revolution believed in the principle of patriotism and service, which today requires us to protect the national memory from any attempt to distort it and confront the deadly negative forces that work to frustrate the resolve of the youth.”

In the same context, he stressed that his sector is “working to improve its performance, in the service of the country and the citizen,” referring to the creation of the National Office of Zakat and Endowments, which is “reliable to contribute to achieving development goals.”

It should be noted that the event of the National Week of the Holy Quran concluded with announcing the names of the winners of the national competition for memorization, intonation and interpretation of the Quran.

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