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Yousfi: lifting confinement does not mean neglecting health protocol against covid-19

Dr. Mohamed Yousfi, Head of Infectious Diseases Department at Boufarik hospital, said that the Prime Ministry decision on lifting the confinement, which was imposed on twenty-three provinces as of Wednesday, and to keep the rest of the preventive measures, which was based on a study by specialists, was an expected decision, a logical one, in the context of dealing with and coping with the pandemic, especially as the spread of the pandemic is declining, and the epidemiological situation improving, we have gradually lifted some measures on the pandemic, as that of Algeria, like other countries faced the pandemic for more than twenty months, facing the first, second and third wave that caused serious economic and human damage.

The doctor called on the need to be careful and take caution and respect preventive measures to return to semi-normal life. As only 20 percent of citizens have received two doses of the vaccine as the vaccination process has not yet seen the requested pace and dynamism.

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