Zeghdar examines state of investments with directors of ANDI and ANIREF

The state of investments and industrial land were the focus of two meetings held on Monday by the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar with the directors of the National Agency for the Development of Investment (ANDI) and the ‘National Agency for Intermediation and Land Regulation (ANIREF), respectively MM. Mustapha Zikara and Malik Ikhelef, said a ministry statement.

Mr. Zeghdar spoke during these two meetings of the enrichment of a series of legal and regulatory texts related to investment that the ministry is working to update.

During his meeting with the Director General of ANDI, the Minister reviewed the “important and pivotal role” of the Agency, as a tool for promoting and attracting foreign investments within the framework of the public economic policy and under its missions.

Mr. Zikara, for his part, evoked the state of the projects and files submitted to his establishment, in particular those pending to examine the difficulties encountered which recently prevented the Agency from achieving some of its objectives. To this end, Mr. Zeghdar affirmed the imperative to unfreeze the files of pending projects within the framework of the application of laws.

He also pleaded, in this sense, for the adoption of a new vision of the working mechanisms of the Agency and to review its organization to confer more “transparency” to the operation of processing files submitted to it, and through the digitization of the various stages of the investment process in order to facilitate the related administrative measures.

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