1,000 pending investment projects unlocked

A thousand investment projects, pending for different reasons, have been unlocked across the national territory, during the last three months, as part of the process of removing obstacles on productive investment, initiated by the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said Sunday in Médéa, the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar.

“The commitments of the President of the Republic to relaunch productive investment and give a new impetus to the national economy have resulted in the lifting of restrictions and constraints on a significant number of pending files,” said Mr Zeghdar, who was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, on this inspection visit.

No less than a thousand project files have been regularised, 600 of which have obtained authorisation to operate, among which 400 projects have already started production, the Minister revealed, adding that the projects in operation have generated, to date, nearly 26,000 direct jobs.

The minister seized the opportunity of his visit to the factory manufacturing industrial filters for gas turbines, located in Draa-Smar, west of Médéa, to invite national investors to settle in the interior regions of the country, which offer more attractiveness, in terms of availability of industrial land, unlike the provinces of the centre, where the industrial network is already congested, in addition to the possibility of operating in an environment favourable for the development of investment projects, he stressed.

Mr Zeghdar stressed the need to optimise the industrial potential represented by this industrial unit, but also by the pumps and basketry complex (Poval) in Berrouaghia, the second stop on his visit, in order to “reduce” our dependence on external markets.

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