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230 civil protection agents have been discharged following a protest movement, legal procedures to be conducted against them

Ministry of Interior stated on Monday that it has been decided to start discharging procedures as a “first step” against 230 civil protection agents following a protest movement in breach of the special professional status of civil protection agents belonging to this specific body and then put in motion a legal proceeding against them as a “second step”.

A statement by the ministry stated that “In accordance with the provisions of Article 173 provisions of the general status of the civil service, it has been decided, as a first step, to discharge 230 civil protection agents and to initiate legal proceeding actions against them as a ‘second step”.

These procedures came in application of articles 28 and 29 of the executive decree 11-106 registered on 06 March 2011 of the fundamental law for civil servants in the special civil protection corps, and after recording of flagrant and dangerous violation of the two articles quoted above by certain agents of civil protection, which are considered breach of duty and responsibilities, with a primary aim to strike stability and undermine the credibility of the corps towards the country and the citizen.

The Ministry of the Interior also urged civil protection agents “not to succumb to subversive calls aimed at sowing confusion and chaos and undermining the stability of this public institution”.

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