5+5 dialogue: Issa Bekkai took part in the 10th Meeting of Transport Ministers

The Minister of Transport, Issa Bakkai, took part in the tenth meeting of the Group of Transport Ministers of the Western Mediterranean countries. (GTMO 5+5), the Ministry of Transport said on Wednesday 6 October 2021 according to a statement of Algeria transport ministry.

The Minister recalled that Algeria, since its membership in the 5 + 5 transport group, has regularly and effectively participated in the activities of this group and has expressed its views on issues related to the joint efforts of the Western Mediterranean countries to establish a dynamic framework of cooperation for the advancement of the development of the sector within the member countries.

The Minister of Transport recalled that Algeria has made significant progress through the implementation of major structuring projects, including the trans-Saharan road “North-South Highway”, a total length of 9500 km, which crosses Algeria over a distance of 3400 km, this strategic road intersects with the “East-West Highway” and the commercial ports. It will also be linked to the port project in the centre of Cherchell.

Regarding Cherchell port, the minister said that it will give “a strong boost to the national economy in Mediterranean, Arab world, African and international levels”, especially thanks to its connection to the railway and road networks as well as adjacent logistics areas, which will allow it to be “one of the most important international transit points in the Mediterranean basin and contribute to increasing business activity in central and Northern Africa.”

Regarding the railway sector, Issa Bekkai pointed out that the investment agenda includes the process of extending the railway network, modernizing it, electrifying it and acquiring new equipment with the implementation of a modern signaling and transport system to improve its services.

The network is currently 4,200 km long and we want to extend it to 6,500 km in the short term and 12,500 km in the medium term, according to the same source.

As regards the international transport of goods by road, it should be noted that Algeria has joined TIR and that the procedures for its implementation have been initiated.

In addition, Bekkai noted that Algeria has concluded bilateral agreements with several European and African countries to facilitate international trade exchanges via land transport.

Air Transport Development Program covers infrastructure, equipment and fleet. Algeria currently has 36 airports open to public air traffic, which have been developed and adapted in recent years to international standards with the aim of providing the services required by passengers, achieving economic prosperity and protecting the environment, Bekkai said.

The Minister took the opportunity “to invite the member countries of the 5+5 Transport Dialogue Group to actively participate in promoting fruitful cooperation that benefits the people of our region”.

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