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Algeria Ambassador to France: 5 flights per day between Algeria and France, from 3 airports

The Algerian ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, announced that 5 flights per day will be scheduled between Algeria and France, following the decision to partially open the airspace in the last meeting of the Council of Ministers, starting on June 1.

The Algerian ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, said in a statement to Algerian television, on the sidelines of a meeting with representatives of the national community in France, that the number of the flights between Algeria and France will be an average of 5 flights per day from 3 French airports as a first stage, namely: Paris, Marseille and Lyon towards three Algerian airports, namely: Algiers, Oran and Constantine.

In this regard, the Algerian ambassador to France added, “The possibility of adding two air flights from Toulouse and Lille to Annaba and Tlemcen airports as a second stage will be studied, and this will be according to the health condition stability.”

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