Algeria-Nigeria: agreement to deepen dialogue on opening an air line between the two countries

Algeria Transport Minister, Mr. Aissa Bakai, discussed with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria ways and opportunities to strengthen bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of transport, where it was agreed to deepen the dialogue on opening an air line between the two countries, according to the ministry statement.

The statement explained that the meeting was an opportunity to the minister of transport, noting the level of political and economic relations between the two countries, to recall the government’s will to strengthen bilateral cooperation relations with Nigeria, which is one of the pivotal countries in Africa, especially in the air transport activity to facilitate and intensify trade exchanges between the two countries and from it to the other African states within the framework of the African free Exchange Zone.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed his country’s desire to promote bilateral exchanges in the transport sector, recalling the agreement on cooperation in the field of air transport concluded between the two countries in 2002, expressing his country’s will to open a direct air line between the two countries, in order to facilitate the movement and transport of passengers and to strengthen cooperation between the parties.

During the meeting, which was attended by Nigeria’s ambassador to Algeria, Mohamed Abdullahi Mbadoul, it was agreed to deepen the discussion and dialogue in order to reach effective solutions on the opening of the air line between the two countries, in line with the directives of the high authorities of the two countries, the same source said.

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