Algiers Province: Re-opening of National Road No. 01 towards Bir Mourad Rais – Blida this Friday evening

Services of the province of Algiers announced the reopening of National Road No. 01 to the pedestrians and citizens, at six in the evening today, Friday, after the completion of the rehabilitation work of the main waste water channel in the Charbouni neighborhood of Birkhadem, according to a press release of the same authority.

According to the same source, the works to rehabilitate the main wastewater channel in the Charbouni neighborhood of Birkhadem were completed within 9 days, and accordingly, today, Friday, at 18:00, National Road No. 01 will be reopened to pedestrians and citizens.

It should be noted that the province’s services had announced on October 28 the closure of National Road No. 01 on its axis, Bir Mourad Rais in the direction of Blida, passing through the municipality of Birkhadem “temporarily”, as part of urgent works to restore the collapse of the main sewage canal at the level of the same road, specifically in the neighborhood called “Charbouni”.

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