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Arab League condemns crimes of Israeli occupation in the governorates of El Qods and Jenin

The General Secretariat of the Arab League condemned the two bloody crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces at dawn today, Sunday, in the governorates of El Qods and Jenin, in which five Palestinians were killed.

The secretariat said in a statement today, “This crime comes in addition to the series of crimes committed by the occupation, including displacement and ethnic cleansing, destruction and expropriation of homes and properties, as well as the expansion and acceleration of settlement buildings and Judaization in an unprecedented way, and the continuous incursions into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as the Ibrahimi Mosque, and other crimes committed against the Palestinian people on a daily basis.”

It pointed out that these crimes confirm “the persistence of the occupation authorities in moving forward with the implementation of their racist schemes and projects that target the existence, rights and cause of the Palestinian people, which constitute a serious violation of international law and the resolutions of international legitimacy.”

The secretariat stressed the need to provide the necessary international protection mechanisms for the Palestinian people, which were approved by international legitimacy, in order to end the occupation and enable the Palestinian people to exercise their rights and establish their independent state with El Qods as its capital.

The Arab League held the Israeli occupation responsible for these crimes and practices, which usher-in grave consequences that threaten international security and stability, and call for accountability and international criminal prosecution, stressing its support and the support of its member states for the struggle and steadfastness of our people, “which will not be affected by the crimes of the occupation, but rather increase their willingness and determination to achieve their freedom and independence.”

It’s worth noting that five Palestinians were killed today, Sunday, at dawn by the Israeli occupation forces, during a campaign of mass arrests carried out in the West Bank and occupied El Qods.

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