Audiovisual: A call for compliance with the joint ministerial directive relating to advertising campaigns for nutritional supplements

The Audiovisual Regulation Authority, called today, Tuesday, on radio and television channels to comply with the joint ministerial directive relating to advertising campaigns on nutritional supplements.

The Regulation Authority emphasized “the need to adhere to the joint ministerial directive issued on 08/04/2022 specifying the methods of monitoring the conformity of food ingredients destined for human consumption,” in “all advertising campaigns broadcast for any product related to nutritional supplements.”

It recalled the content of this directive, which stipulates for “ceasing to prescribe nutritional supplements under therapeutic and preventive claims for human diseases” as well as “ensuring the presence and correctness of the bar code on food supplement packages.”

The Audiovisual Regulation Authority informed all audiovisual media that “the license to classify a food supplement product granted by the Ministry of Health must be presented before any advertising campaign” stressing the need to “completely refrain from exploiting children as a form of propaganda,” and that the necessary actions will be taken in the event of a notification of any breaches of these provisions.

The Regulation Authority affirmed that this procedure aims primarily to “protect the consumer and his safety and preserve public health,” noting “the growth of misleading campaigns, which prompted the authority to issue a statement on 07/08/2020 to limit this phenomenon and control the media promotion mechanisms for these materials, in addition to its call for coordination among the various departments concerned with the issue of nutritional supplements including the National Agency for Health Security.

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